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Climate Change: From a “looming threat” to Reality

From fast-fashion clothes to devices that go obsolete in a couple of years, the world nowadays lives in moments. These modern comforts are so common and so easily discarded that we rarely even realize the extent of their pervasiveness in our lives. Not surprisingly though, this throwaway culture has its consequences. According to a 2019 CPCB report, the annual plastic waste generated in our country alone stands at a humongous 3.3 million MT. It's too late for us to hold on to “prevention is better than cure”.

Today, we stand just nine years shy of our anticipated objective of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, a large portion of the climate change discourse still portrays it as a “looming danger”, almost as if it is a distant threat. It’s not uncommon for common people to overlook this debate, especially when these effects are discussed in terms of increasing invisible Greenhouse Gases and melting glaciers miles away. Aside from this missing link, the narrative also fails to reflect the settings of vulnerable groups, who have limited access to resources and basic amenities like water, electricity, formal jobs, and so on.

This is precisely why we must shift the prevalent perception about climate change from a distant reality to our today and frame these discussions to include individual experiences. This call to motivate action is particularly necessary because the effects of the crisis is felt disproportionately over the world. In fact, even within countries, everyone of us bears a varied level of responsibility depending on our ability to respond and to be aware of our influence, we start by holding ourselves accountable.

After all is said and done, as current and future caretakers of the planet, the one way to have an all-inclusive agenda in this fight is to make sure our ideas and debates are solution oriented. Especially when most of our problems have identified solutions and the resources to make them a reality that benefits stakeholders ranging from policymakers and communities on the ground to social entrepreneurs and investors already exists in our commercial world.

We, at the ECOmpany have already started working on our promise to the world and a better future. As believers in sustainability, all our products are made from compostable and/or biodegradable natural residue materials. Ranging from wheat straw, bamboo and jute to leaves, all products are ensured to be of high quality and completely toxin free. We hope you will join us in this journey of creating a better future. Wishing you all a Happy World Environment Day !

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